Apocalyptic poems, posted every m-f.


in the future
the concept of adoption will be made obsolete,
replaced by simple clemency

you will be sleeping,
wicker-wound house on scrap metal frame
and there will be the tiniest sound
your eyes will flutter,
silhouette of knife in tiniest hand
you will barely dodge him as he moves in to slit your throat,
fumble for your flashlight
first knock him senseless with it, then turn it on
and appraise the situation

so small,
he will be so small
terror eking its way through his mud-caked surface
his eyes will be permeable
letting anything and everything seep into his head
and heart, directly
he will become your anger if you are angry,
your fear if you are scared

you will spare him the trusty knife, the flashlight reprisal
the torrent of fury
you will recognize that he has been bested,
you will grant him quarter
under your wing,
the walls will crumble, amalgamate
he will be so small
and safe


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